Unzipping Our Non-Zipper Approach to Bag Design


Sometimes Zippers Are Not The Answer

Over a decade ago, my journey as a novice sewer began, wrestling with the complexities of incorporating zippers into bags. What once seemed an insurmountable challenge has evolved into a skillset honed over years spent alongside industrial sewing machines, effortlessly crafting products adorned with various closures. Despite this mastery, my belief in seeking alternative bag-closing solutions persists, steering away from integrating zippers into designs.

Responding to customer requests, our recent foray into developing new carry products featuring zippers marks an intriguing phase. In this exploration, we delve into a myriad of speculative reasons, considering factors ranging from our brand ethos to invaluable customer feedback and the intricacies of manufacturing. The decision-making process involves a blend of these elements and potentially unforeseen aspects that shape the seamless integration of zippers into our products.

 Goodstart Jones Problem with zippersGoodstart Jones Problems again with Bag Zippers


Safety Concerns: Depending on customer uses a zipper can become caught by body parts , Hair fingers etc or small items. Plus zippers can pose a choking hazard, especially for younger children who might inadvertently pull them off and put them in their mouths.  .

Durability: Zippers can sometimes break or get stuck, leading to frustration for the user and potential product returns or complaints. When possible we  have decided to avoid zippers to ensure their products are more durable and longer-lasting.

Cost: high quality zippers can be expensive. By using alternative closures, the design  might keep production costs lower, making our products more cost effective for consumers.

Ease of Use: Zippers can be challenging for some individuals, especially young children or those with limited dexterity. Using simpler closures might enhance the ease of use and accessibility of Goodstart Jones products for a wider audience.

Aesthetic or Design Choice: All depending on the type of product and its usage, the design might have a specific aesthetic or design philosophy that doesn’t align with the appearance or functionality of zippers. This might lead to prefer a more classic or traditional look for their products.

Environmental Concerns: Some zippers are made of materials that aren’t easily recyclable or biodegradable. Goodstart Jones aims to prioritising sustainability by using alternative closures that are more eco-friendly. 


Sustainability at the Core

At Goodstart Jones, sustainability is paramount. We prioritize simplicity and durability in our bag designs, aiming for longevity without compromise. Zippers, with their tendency to eventually fail, contradict our pursuit of enduring products. However, when we do integrate zippers, we meticulously select top-quality hardware and ensure ease of access for repairs or replacements. Our ultimate objective remains keeping our products in use for extended periods, aligning perfectly with our sustainable ethos.

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