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We have an open doors policy at the Goodstart Jones workshop. Ideal for when visitors and customers come to pay us a visit for ether tying out the product before they buy or just meeting us to see how we work. Likewise we also benefit form interactions as we listen and gain feedback on what we are doing. 

However we especially like the open doors policy because we all enjoy once and awhile meeting like minded creators in our field of bags and accessories. 

It acts and a coming together off mutuals learning and sharing of ideas. This is what I’d like to believe creates synergy “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”.  

The Visit Ann Charlish paid us created nothing but positive synergy. 

Passionate and knowable university lecture in Textiles and fashion Ann has created a high end luxury bags and accessories Brand built around using her signature hand portend molten wool fabrics and silk lining with accents of vibrant leather colors inserts. The combination of these elements together creates a timeless design with a premium feel. aesthetic. It’s perfect balance of being an understated and yet unique.

Trust me, holding theses products you can certainly see and feel the attention to detail.  Theres an high standard of craftsmanship, as each stitch on these bags looked perfect. 


During Anns visit we all spoke about how we run our business and made our bags whilst intern she shared her own experience in working in the industry. During her visit we gave a brief tour of our workshop and left out to pop up another venue in the Wolverhampton city centre to contribute to a sewing event hosted by Wolverhampton university. But thats another story  for another day. 



What Ann’s taught us from her visit was that collaborations with other creatives would be ideal. Being able to work together and create a new bag using our own brand design  language/styles to produce something even more unique. 

Plus to try adding new visual patterned elements to own products, Like adding custom hand printed images and graphics to the bags. For example, maybe a woodsack with custom hand printed fabric. 

Furthermore we learn that we really need to get out and network more often. Even if it requires ourselves to create our own social event and host an activity. 

For more information about Ann Carlish go check out her website at

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