Design Finalist In TV Concept

OnePlus Design Contest


So when One Plus announced a global design competition for designers both professional and amateurs to come up with a new TV concept Our lead designer at Goodstart Jones (Anson) decided to take part and have a go.

After weeks of discussions and a rigorous round of evaluating and re-evaluating scores, the OnePlus Design team, and the Judgement by our community voting

8 months later he along with 9 other designers in various filled of expertises were announced the winners out of 6,000 participants. 

Big congratulations for Anson and the 8 other winning finalists of the OnePlus TV Design Contest. 

OnePlus TV Design contest winner certificate  


OnePlus TV - Concept Anson


"I have been a OnePlus user since the OnePlus One and have found the evolution of the products fascinating! From "Flagship Killer" to a full-on flagship. What attracted me to the brand originally was that OnePlus seemed to genuinely listen to what their customers and supporters wanted...


OnePlus TV design concept

"I firmly believe that a TV should enhance the beauty of our living rooms irrespective of whether it is on/off, moreover, it should also work in sync with other smart devices. Hence, the top of the TV can also charge all supported devices wirelessly. Even the remote!


The idea with OnePlus Alpha is, it becomes an extension of other smart devices all while having an identity of its own. Having integrated OnePlus's burden-less philosophy with the Alpha, it offers seamless connectivity and unparalleled design that isn't only beautiful to look at but also extremely functional. 


OnePlus TV remote concept


So there you have it… not just a talented bag designer but also flexing his Product design experience and skills to produce a problem solving design solution with a visually pleasing style. 


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