Crafting Custom Made Record Tote Bags for Stay-loose Records

Tote Bag Production

Crafting Custom Made Record Tote Bags for Stay-loose Records

For years, our expertise has revolved around designing an array of custom tote bags and backpacks tailored to various businesses. However, the intriguing prospect of creating a specialized tote for vinyl records surfaced when we connected with Ian, the proprietor of Wolverhampton's beloved Stay-loose Records, nestled in the heart of the city center.

This unique project materialized during a networking event spearheaded by Jay Blades, a gathering intended for local creatives and entrepreneurs. It was here that our paths crossed with Ian, initiating discussions about the nuances of running a record store and the broader challenges of sustaining a business.

From casual conversation to conceptualization, our journey commenced. In the midst of our dialogues, Ian and his partner identified a potential solution to their clientele's needs: a custom carry solution for large and medium-sized vinyl records. Sourcing quality carrier bags that accommodate these records comes with a price and printing variations, prompting us to delve deeper into crafting an ideal record tote bag brief that fulfills Stay-loose Records' and their customers' requisites:

  • Accommodation for a minimum of 4 vinyl records (an average customer purchase).
  • Sturdy, resilient handles for durability.
  • Prominently visible branding for enhanced recognition.
  • Versatility catering to regular usage by customers.
  • Competitive pricing meeting customer expectations.

The project timeline spanned a week for crafting preliminary samples. Presenting Ian with these prototypes allowed for firsthand testing and feedback. Delighted with its versatility, he attested to its seamless transition from a gym bag to a shopping tote capable of not only holding records but also accommodating bottles of wine and bags of produce during his daily commute.

The Production Phase

With the testing phase concluded and necessary adjustments incorporated, the production phase commenced. The manufacturing process, contingent on bag type and quantity, typically varies in duration. For the Stay-loose tote bags, maintaining a simplistic design for the 100 custom units initially estimated two weeks but pleasantly concluded within a working week, surpassing our own expectations.

The production stages unfolded as follows:

  • Pattern cutting the panels
  • Vinyl printing of the Stay-loose logo
  • Heat pressing onto the panels
  • Adding lining to the panels
  • Sewing the lining to the panels
  • Overlocking the panels
  • Affixing handles and d-rings
  • Top-stitching the panel exterior
  • Final assembly by joining the sides together
  • Steam pressing the bags for a flawless finish

In response to specific requests, finishing touches such as swing tags and clear plastic packaging were meticulously added. Every project undertaken serves as a learning curve, enhancing our sewing techniques and providing insights applicable to subsequent endeavors. Notably, altering the vinyl printing method and refining our approach significantly contributed to the project's success, along with meticulous attention to detail.

Adhering closely to the brief, we streamlined the bag design, optimizing production costs while upholding superior quality. This entailed minimizing components and utilizing premium, water-resistant, and durable fabrics. The positive customer feedback reinforced our commitment to delivering beyond expectations, a testament to our ability to elevate a store's identity through custom-designed, perfectly tailored tote bags.

custom made tote bagscustom tote bags for record storeOrange Tote Bag made for record store in Wolverhampton
packaged tote bags made for record store

         The Value Proposition

The culmination of this endeavor carries substantial value for Stay-loose Records. The custom tote bags not only provide a practical solution for customers carrying their purchased records home but also serve as an enduring, dependable accessory. This continual use fosters an organic form of advertising, fostering customer-brand loyalty that extends far beyond a mere transaction. It solidifies Stay-loose Records' position with a range of bespoke tote bags that encapsulate both utility and style.


custom made tote bags for record store

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