We Took Customer Advice to Create Ideal Tote Bags People Wanted

We simply listened to customers… Thats how we created the New Good Day tote bag. 

We are grateful for every sales we receive. Yet we also appreciate the feedback from customers because it’s their suggestions and comments both positive and negative that helps us form the details of new designs and dictates what we need to crate next. 


The Short Story of How We Created Our New Tote Bag Collection 

In fact the true influence in creating the GoodDay Tote bag, was a large source of inspiration came whilst trading the We Out Here festival whilst selling our custom tote bags and woodsacks.

 we out here festival

The compliments we fantastic from both brewers and buyers of all ages. However the same comments did pop up. “Do you have Any bags with a zip?” 

To which our reply was a simple kind nope. And we would go on to explain our reason because we don’t find adding zippers to our simple tote bags as a viable practical solution neither do they aline with our view in sustainability. Once the zipper brakes our business will be blamed, But we didn’t make the zipper. 

Plus the second question was “Do you sell any bags with inside pockets? To which we would say “nope” as our answer too.  However this time I couldn’t justify a correct answer other than the tote bag is a large pocket anyway, designed for your to organize with addition accessories and have a flexible large interior space. 

During a talk around the camp fire that night with a customer whom found us at outside the tent, whom pleaded his case that an extra pocket for his sweets and drinks.

I decided it couldn't harm to provide the consumers what they desire by creating an internal pocket after looking into the matter when we get back to the workshop.


3 Weeks Later… I Was converted and Became a Believer 

Let me tell you something after testing and making adjustments. I can honestly say that having a medium deep interior pocket within a tote bag is a big game changer. It's added another level of practicality to the bag making it even more flexible in its uses. Hence the name Good day tote, because while out testing we had nothing but good feelings whilst using this tote bag for the whole day. 


So in Conclusion 

I wish we had done this earlier. It's a wise decision. The fact that customers have now given their new Good Day tote bags excellent ratings and the stamp of approval is most significant, as evidenced by the recurrent sales and no returns. 

Because those previous clients hindsight, have now provided me a true turning point to adding a few pockets into our tote bags. I’m regret being obstinate and not paying attention sooner to their suggestions and requests. 

To my colleagues, entrepreneurs and designers. Please give your audience, especially those who have purchased your stuff, some opportunity to speak. Treat the counsel they offer as valuable knowledge that you didn't have to pay for from market research, consultants and surveys. Data is need but word of mouth is from customer experience is vital to create the products people actually want. Its good business that makes everyone a winner. 

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