Woodsack Care & Maintenance

All Goodstart Jones products are made with top quality leather and fabrics plus A grade Plywood. To ensure they preserve their properties we recommend you follow the next suggestions.

  • Food or drink spills should be wiped off immediately with absorbent paper, allow drying slowly and naturally in an airy location avoiding direct sunlight exposure.
  • Avoid contact with detergent, silicone, bleach, alcohol, thinner or waxes. This will permanently mark the surface and change its color.
  • Do not overstuff your product; this will result in permanent loss of its original dimensions.
  • Avoid the use of adhesive stickers; this can permanently mark the product.
  • For added protection please spray just the fabric with scotchguard to help retain the fabrics durability and protect from daily wear and life's mishaps.


Is my woodsack really waterproof? 

All woodsacks are water resistant yet not resistant to water. So try not to stand in downpours of hard rain showers if it can be helped. However if rain is your thing, then just fold the flap over the wood and enjoy. The woodsack is made using 16oz Cordura fabric that has a rubberized layer and the wood is varnished in Danish oil, which adds a fantastic durable water resistant sealer perfect for all types of weather.

  • The woodsacks varnished panel front will survive perfectly well with little or no maintenance. It's not essential to polish, clean or oil your items but you can perform some light maintenance in order to keep the wood surface clean and weather resistant.
  • When wet, please wipe off and water and allow it to dry naturally.
  • For added protection we recommend that you apply a waterproof spray or scotch guard product to help repel water. However please remember to test any product on an unobtrusive section of your bag beforehand. 


It’s made out of wood so it must be heavy right? 

Nope, guess again. An empty woodsack only weights no more than 1.2kg. That’s the same weight as an average leather satchel or messenger bag.The load weight is dependant you whatever you wish to carry. But we recommend taking it easy on carrying everything just because you can.  

The wood on my woodsack is all scratched and worn, what can I do?  

Left to age naturally and untouched your woodsack will patina (darken slightly) and take on unique character through this natural ageing process.

On the other hand you’ve scuffed or scratched up your woodsack and not happy with the look...  Well don’t freak out. Grab some grade 200 sandpaper, a bottle of Danish oil and a lint cloth then read on…