Our custom design and manufacturing service was established to aid in the creation of product ideas and concepts, as well as our capacity to design any product that we envision.

It doesn't matter if you're changing an existing design or creating something altogether new. Our team has worked with customers in a variety of sectors who have put their faith in our ability to complete projects with the utmost quality and precision.

  • STAGE 1 | Design & Idea Generation

    We can develop concepts and various designs to satisfy briefs plus review for a suitable solution based on the research supplied.


    //Sketching & Colour Renders
    //Specification Sheets

    //CAD Modeling

    //Material & Fabric Selection

    Starting from £395.00

    (Subject to change based on project)

  • STAGE 2 | Concept Development

    The chosen design is progressed to the development stage for additional refining and enhancement.

    //CAD Visuals & Renders

    //Elevation Sheets

    //Sewing Pattern

    Starting from £560.00

    (Subject to change based on project)

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We specialize in backpacks small carry goods. However due to 12 years in the bag industry we’ve become skilled to create, handbags, slings,  purse, wallets plus backpack design & manufacture all styles.

All of our products are crafted in our workshops in Wolverhampton, England, with high quality and viable production times to meet your needs. This allows us to make great custom handbags and purse for individuals , startups and established brands. We aim to deliver solutions to bag, handbag, backpack, wallet design that drive the success of your project.

  • STAGE 1 | Sample Creation

    Achieving your goal is to create physical models of the product that are practical and to specification using samples or existing patterns.


    // Material selection & sourcing Test Samples

    // Working Production x 2

    // Sample Product Review

    Starting from £180.00

    (Subject to change based on project)

  • STAGE 2 | Design For Manufacture

    Chosen design taken through to development stage for further improvements and refinement. This includes production evaluation. creating a production ready product.


    // Working Production Sample Update

    // 1 Design for Manufacture (DFM) Working Sample

    // Tec Pack & Pattern

    Starting from £295

    (Subject to change based on project)

  • STAGE 3 | Production

    No High Production Minimums | Simply order the unit quantity you require. 

    Made in England |
    Workshops open to production visits and meetings during your project (on request). 

    Price available on request (subject to project requirements).

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Research & Consultation

we believe in the power of information to create distinctive products that are meaningful, memorable and iconic, putting people at the center of the brand experience to drive behavioral change and deliver real impact.W

Whether you’re a consumer or retail brand, an established corporate brand, or a challenger brand, our objective is always effectiveness and our strategy is extraordinary design. It’s a bold claim, but with 15 years of bag design and manufacturing experience under our belts plus Design awards and business accomplishments to our name, we really are most effective at what you’d need us to achieve.

  • Investigation & Research

    Investigate to learn more about the nature within the target market & industry. Look to get a sense of its pulse, consumer behaviour, and trends. Creating a product and deciding on a targeted audience.


    // I.P Investigation (Intellectual Property)

    // Mintel Research Review

    // Trend Forecast

    Price available on request (subject to project requirements).

  • Brief Development & Planning

    Creating a plan to find the specific opportunity of the notion. In addition, a summary that clearly describes what the product is for, who will use it, and how the design project will be structured will be provided.

    // Concept Ideal Generation

    // Market Research

    // Custom Brief

    Price available on request (subject to project requirements).

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