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Quality to us is owning a bag that isn't going to fall apart within a few weeks". 
Anson Carridice-Davids | Lead Designer

Operating a bag manufacturing company ensures that each product we offer is well-made, long-lasting, and functional. To make this happen, there was no other alternative except to set up our own manufacturing workshop, in order to ensure high-quality fit and finish.

To earn the title of "handmade" involved creating a custom built space / workshop with specialist equipment. The use of good quality fabrics or raw/natural additional materials. Additionally, learning new skills and developing existing crafts.

The main key to our success, is working with people who genuinely enjoy the process of creating items with a passion for excellence.

The foundation of Goodstart Jones operates on a set of important concepts and principles, which are listed below:


    Simplicity for the Real World | Less commotion, more and more practical details We favour clean lines and modern features - we don't overdo it, instead letting the details speak for themselves whenever feasible. Overall, we try to keep the bags as uncomplicated as possible. This allows owners to pay attention to the essentials and perform simple repairs if necessary.


    Luxury of Authenticity | Can’t beat the real feeling of genuine natural materials. Combining the use of real wood with high quality materials the likes of leathers, cork, metals , wool , waxed canvas all provides a hard wearing long lasting bags with a premium feel.


    Military Aspirations | Great source of reference when it comes to combing both the basic practicality of items being hardwearing and multifunctional. Plus the military / army and navy influence is also a great source of inspiration for the look and style which is capable of combing the bags function and materials selection together perfectly.


    Learning Never Stops | Continuous development of handmade skills. To have the title “Handmade in England”stands for quality made goods. We always aim to make our bags in England and to always aim to do our best. Like the bible says. “If you know good then do good.” We make everything by hand with a objective of continually training and learning to improve tailoring skills.

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Goodstart Jones bag manufactures

Meaning Behind The Brand Name

Pronounced "Good start" - part motto, part vow to do our best at all times.

Jones- is a reminder and part affirmation that the owner is so confident in his products.