The Goodstart Jones Way of Thinking

Goodstart Jones is a British Bag & Luggage label born out of a passion for creative exploration, adventure and social experiences. 

The ‘Woodsack Collection’ is a manifestation of our belief in the importance of practicality, durability and individuality for the sociable urban adventurer and cultural explorer. This means you.

Goodstart Jones is here for a reason. revitalising the backpacks and luggage market with a truly unique offering that accentuates the individual style of the owner by commanding attention without being ostentatious.

Our Values///

Design || Generating ideas that is 99% functional 1% style. However we give that 1% a lot of attention.

loyalty || Committed to design and manufacture the best products whilst giving you our full attention.

Creativity || Inspiration is everywhere. looking for beauty in every idea we have generate.

Intelligence || Stay continually learning the new skills and remain open to ideas and always listen to our customers

Individuality || You are not just a number. You mean everything us.

Independence || Creating products, designs and ideas that maybe different from the usual everyday yet somehow works perfectly to sand alone on its own merit.