About Goodstart Jones

Handmade by Goodstart 

Just want to make a quality bag that people can depend on. Not worrying that its going to fall apart. 

Our values operating a small bag manufacture business is ensuring each product we sell is well made, built to last and works correctly. It’s a simple formula to work with. To guarantee the quality and fit is correct, there was no option but to become handmade production. 

To earn the title of being “handmade” this involved creating a custom built space / workshop with specialist equipment. The use of good quality fabrics or raw/natural additional materials. Then thirdly making a point in continually learning new skills and developing existing crafts. 

However the true secret to handmade business are the people whom really enjoy the process of making products with an obsession for perfection during the process. 


Goodstart Jones is built on a mixture of five key ideas and principles. 

Carry Yourself | It's all about YOU... We create the bags, and you add your personality. Our carry products are designed to fit around your needs.

Military Aspirations | Great source of reference when it comes to combining the basic practicality of items while also making them hard-wearing and multi-functional. Plus, the military influence is also a great source of inspiration for the look and style.  

Luxury of Authenticity | Can’t beat the real feeling of genuine natural materials. Combining the use of real wood with high quality materials the likes of leathers, cork, metals, wool, waxed canvas all contribute to creating hard-wearing and long lasting bags with a premium feel. 

Simplicity for the Practical | Less fuss and more practical details. We like clean lines and contemporary features - we don’t over do it. Instead let the details do the talking where possible. Overall we like to make the bags as simple as possible. This allows for the attention of basics to be correct  plus for easy repairs if needed can be done by owners.

Development of the Handmade Skills | To have the title “handmade in England”stands for quality made goods. We always aim to make our bags in England and to Always aim to do our best. Like the bibles say. “If you know good then do good.”  We make everything by hand with a objective of continually training and learning to improve tailoring skills.