Woodsack Recommissioned

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The Ideal Blank Canvas for Mr White Label

Introducing Mr White Label. This man is so talented with the greatest personality to match. He is a fashion designer, stylist, photographer, educator  owner of White Label clothing and now an owner of a woodsack XL backpack.

Let me tell you, Ive been looking to do a project with Nathan for about 2 years now. Yet despite penning in a day we still haven't gotten round to producing our long awaited collaboration. However that should change soon. In the meantime go see his current collection at mrwhitelabel.com

 It was while Mr White Label came for a quick visit to stock up on supplies he noticed a large wooden box of repaired woodsacks from my 2014 collection. Then that's when he found it. A black XL woodsack with his actual white label sticker still on it. I guess it was fate. 

So we mutually came to a gentlemen's agreement from one trader to another and the deal was sealed with a hand shake...Guess who's getting a new White label top? Me of course. A deals a deal.  

My word If you now Mr white label you'll know he's one man that dose not mess around  He got straight to business in removing old stickers and adding his own.

One he was compleate I must say the woodsack did compliment his outfit and matched well with his custom made white label duffel bag.

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