The Talented & Creative Mr Beckford


Introducing Mr Beckford... A Man of Many Talents !

In the three years I've know this guy. Not only is he the happiest cheerful person you'll ever meet, But its that Im always finding out something new and amazing.

This month is no different. Mr Beckford (Daniel Beckford) has surprised me with his new video series titled Signature Drummer in which himself and a group of Birmingham young skilled musicians ,whom are all really highly skilled drummers, share their passion of the drum industry and culture behind it within the uk. 

Please give it a watch and a like on youtube. You will love it.

Goodstartjones likes to collaborate and work with other creative minded people.  Daniel Beckford is one perfect example. 

Together we worked on a project to produce the crazy leaf collection.  Taken One of Mr Beckford's singniture patterns . He carfully hand printed on cordura fabric the crazy leaf images in contrast colours. The results produce an original printed piece of art work . It felt rather crazy to cut into it. But the bags had to be made and that was that.

WOODSACK BACKPACK Daniel Beckford Mr Beckford Textile Designer Bag Design  Goodstart Jones Ltd


Mr Beckford Textile Designer Woodsack Backpack printed textile bags woodsack

Collaboration on a woodsack Backpacks with Mr Beckford has been amazing. His speed on producing the prints was super quick whilst remaining detailed with quality... However it wasn't without its challenges. For example the first was how to get the best out of the fabric  on where shall we use it on which bag panel.
woodsack backpack womens bag designer backpack roll top purple printed textile Mr Beckford
Then secondly was the time scales. It did take the goodstartjones side rather a longer period to sample as we were too focused on perfection with made the project run in slow motion. But hey. That's just the goodstartjones way of working. " Slow motion better than no motion.
Either way. I think you'll agree that the patients paid off. 
Goodstart Jones wood engraving woodsack Backpack crazy leaf wood details hand made
woodsack Backpack Goodstart Jones bag design Purple woodsack wood sack bag
Goodstart Jones woodsack Backpack classic woman designer backpack bags purple custom bag
woodsack Wood sack backpack Black and white  designer unisex day backpack rucksack
woodsack Goodstart Jones Backpack Black and white designer bag woman bag
art drawing portrait wood engraving print painted on woodsack backpack Goodstart Jones
Mr Beckford Daniel at Goodstart Jones workshop  Woodsack wood sack backpack collection

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