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 Laybuy Goodstart Jones payment option

We've all been there. Seeing that item that you've been wanting for some time, or coming across something that you just have to have, but are rather low on funds at the time. Ouch!

Unfortunately, we can't all afford everything we want (or need) all the time. However, here at Goodstart Jones help is at hand. Allow me to introduce to you "LAYBUY".


laybuy Goodstart Jones 


Go ahead and give Laybuy a try. The risk-free payment system that breaks up the cost of an item into 6 affordable manageable payments. The payments are spread out over 6 weeks, and what's even better is no interest is applied. Yes, that’s 0% interest-free… So the price you see is the price you pay. Pretty cool, right?

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goodstart jones  laybuy

We are so pleased to be registered on Laybuy's network of businesses. The benefits to you and potential shoppers are that we help to make desirable purchases affordable, by letting people take things home today and we could not be happier to have their wonderful system implemented on the Goodstart Jones website.

Goodstart Jones website tote bags easy way to pay laybuy


Not only does Laybuy help with the purchase itself by splitting the payment into six more manageable chunks interest-free, but in doing so it also provides a safer way for people to build a credit score. So all that’s really left to say is get yourself on to the Goodstart Jones product page and begin picking your favourite item for a payment form just £7.50  

Just to recap the great customer benefits:

  1. Totally Interest-free
  2. Immediate Ownership 
  3. Helps build your credit score 
  4. Six manageable payment chunks

Happy shopping!! 

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