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Woodsack Recommissioned

The Ideal Blank Canvas for Mr White Label Introducing Mr White Label. This man is so talented with the greatest personality to match. He is a fashion designer, stylist, photographer, educator  owner of White Label clothing and now an owner of a woodsack XL backpack. Let me tell you, Ive been looking to do a project with Nathan for about 2 years now. Yet despite penning in a day we still haven't gotten round to producing our long awaited collaboration. However that should change soon. In the meantime go see his current collection at  It was while Mr White Label came for a quick visit to stock up on supplies he noticed a large wooden box of repaired woodsacks...

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Introducing The New Goodstart Jones Goodies

Ready for that New Year New Goodstart Jones Goodies. So let me tell you about the day when Anson (fellow bag designer at Goodstart Jones) came to me and said "Hey we need to talk". I Honestly thought the worst. I know we've been busy working on other peoples projects a lot of the time separately to the point we only seemed to talk as to work out solutions to problems concerning bags production and designs.  But no, Anson had other ideas which were pleasing to the ears and a visual treat to the eyes. New Goodstart Jones carry goods in concept form ready tobe turned into reality.  During our meeting we discuss the projects we work on down to...

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