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Yellow Times | Woodsack XL Backpack Personalised Fashion Statement

Goodbye summer getting in my last wears of yellow before retired for autumn winter. Owning a woodsack for summer thats is the colour yellow and is the XL version too has been a great experience. Not only is it the backpack that carries everything and more. But it was that I realised I'd gotten over my fear of the use of yellow. Honestly I can truly state that yellow has been an understated colour in fashion. I don't understand why people fail to give this colour a chance? Yes, using yellow as an accessory may be prone to showing dirt more easier than other colours .But my advice is just look after the product better and it will be fine.  Or...

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Discovery of the GO OUT Magazine

Recently I purchased a magazine from a mate of mine who called me up out of the blue and suggested i needed this in may life. The mag in question is titled “Go Out”. Well I hand to ask myself why would i need to buy this mag when we all now have the internet as a standard. Besides who actually buys a magazine when content is free all over he web. Plus another issue regarding this Go Out magazine is that it’s totally written in Japanese. I can’t read any articles… So why buy did I eventually bother buying it you may ask? Well the answer is simple. Its just a cool item to own as it visually shows...

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Just Ideal for Summer | Woodsack Backpack in Sunbeam Yellow Collection

The Woodsack Sunbeam Yellow Collection.  Ideal backpack for doing Sunny activities all year long    Despite summer hitting us is in its last months I felt it only right to say a few words regarding our latest addition to the woodsack family… The sunbeam yellow collection. To be honest we did make a few of them in yellow as custom orders. But two things made us make the decision to finally make it available everyone. It’s summer and it’s the factory owners most loved color in the whole word and suggested eagerly that we add it to the collection.   Plus here is an additional third reason. Now that we found an improvised colour wear in Cordura fabric in sunbeam yellow with...

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