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The Value of Handmade

The Return of the Handmade    Our values operating a small bag manufacturing business is ensuring each product we sell is well made, built to last and works correctly. It’s a simple formula to work with.  To guarantee the quality and fit is correct, there was no option but to become handmade production. To earn the title of being “handmade” involved the following:      Creating a custom-built space/workshop with specialist equipment.    The use of good quality fabrics or raw/natural additional materials.    Making a point in continually learning new skills and developing existing crafts.    However, the true secret to operating a handmade business is the people who really enjoy the process of making products with an obsession...

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The Easy Way To Pay

Laybuy helps by splitting the payment into six more manageable interest-free chunks. So all that’s really left to say is get yourself on to the Goodstart Jones product page and begin picking your favourite item with payments from as little as £7.50 per week. 

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Woodsack Recommissioned

The Ideal Blank Canvas for Mr White Label Introducing Mr White Label. This man is so talented with the greatest personality to match. He is a fashion designer, stylist, photographer, educator  owner of White Label clothing and now an owner of a woodsack XL backpack. Let me tell you, Ive been looking to do a project with Nathan for about 2 years now. Yet despite penning in a day we still haven't gotten round to producing our long awaited collaboration. However that should change soon. In the meantime go see his current collection at  It was while Mr White Label came for a quick visit to stock up on supplies he noticed a large wooden box of repaired woodsacks...

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