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Goodstart Jones Woodsack mini in pink

So a customer asked me... can you make a woodsack thats a bit smaller to fit her little girl whom is a toddler? At first for a split second I was like "Nope. Just buy a woodsack mini and wait for it to fit her".  But That's never the sprit to have when running a shop. so I said yes , Challenge accepted. 

Thus so began 3 weeks of working on making this little miss backpack.

Goodstart Jones woodsack Backpack mini mini mini

 The One and only Lexx sketch did the custom art work. I mean Im not bad with a pencil and stuff however I know my limits. Im bo artist bro. Just hit Lexx Sketch up that Folks.

Goodstart Jones Woodsack Mini backpack Pink mini

 It wasn't the best despite my 3rd attempt. Never the less when the customer arrived to collect it she was pleasantly pleased. 

woodsack mini Goodstart Jones backpack rolltop bags

 I would say it's not bad for a third attempt using a domestic sewing machine at the time. Adding the top binding that has 4 layers of fabric and a layer of 3mm foam wasn't easy. But now I'm just grateful for the 6 walking foot sewing machines we have in the studio today.  

Backpack woodsack custom art work toy story

The second mini mini woodsack backpack received quite a lot of attention I decided to accept orders and work on commissions. I do this by working with local artist and word of mouth.

However now since the cat is out of the bag I guess I should just go ahead and create a new woodsack mini min collection.   

woodsack backpack mini mini custom artwork toy story children's bag

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