Introducing The New Goodstart Jones Goodies

Ready for that New Year New Goodstart Jones Goodies.

So let me tell you about the day when Anson (fellow bag designer at Goodstart Jones) came to me and said "Hey we need to talk". I Honestly thought the worst.

I know we've been busy working on other peoples projects a lot of the time separately to the point we only seemed to talk as to work out solutions to problems concerning bags production and designs.  But no, Anson had other ideas which were pleasing to the ears and a visual treat to the eyes.

New Goodstart Jones carry goods in concept form ready tobe turned into reality. 

During our meeting we discuss the projects we work on down to the reason for our own existence. We've been so busy working on various projects for other brands and businesses tho the point that we've kinda been neglecting our own. However that's not a bad thing as putting out customers first has been rewarding. I believe we both learned so much new skills and gained a deeper understanding in bag design. Pus as a bonus made good friends in each client we've had the pleasure to work with. 

Now let me show you the new new. 

Anson in between projects has been secretly working on a project of his own. and this was the time to indeed talk. This guy did to me what we aim to do to to clients whom chose the design service.  Anson produced a new range of woodsacks collection that made me say without thinking "ok let's do it". 

carry case for iPad / tablets

Tablet/Ipad Carry Case | Envelope style insprated, just easy to slip your tablet in and out every with its external covers on. 

Document folio case | Designed for the professionals for when a woodsack isn't the right  time , try our new interpretation of a smarter carry both visually and practicality.  

Tote Bag Mini | Designed for the small stuff when you just wanna travel light and your regular bag just ant the solution.


These maybe concept cad images but we work as a team and think as one at times too. Therefore I know whatever Anson designs I can create as he too understands bag construction & manufacture extremely well. 

Goodstart Jones Tote Bags


Master Tote Bag |  Inspired by the original woodsack 1st gen. designed to be slim and lightweight with providing additional organisation with interior pockets and dividers. As like the woodsack all totes will be fully padded throughout.  

If you're passionate about all things bag design and like what you see plus catch the same felling of seeing your deigns ready to go before production  then Get in touch and enquire about our design service we are here for you. However if you just want production we are here for you too.  | Sample Production & Manufature | Design & Development 



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