The Value of Handmade

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The Return of the Handmade 

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Our values operating a small bag manufacturing business is ensuring each product we sell is well made, built to last and works correctly. It’s a simple formula to work with. 

To guarantee the quality and fit is correct, there was no option but to become handmade production. To earn the title of being “handmade” involved the following:   


  • Creating a custom-built space/workshop with specialist equipment. 


  • The use of good quality fabrics or raw/natural additional materials. 


  • Making a point in continually learning new skills and developing existing crafts. 


However, the true secret to operating a handmade business is the people who really enjoy the process of making products with an obsession for perfection during the process. 

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You're Buying a Story... As well as a product 


Handmade items are more than just products, they're a maker’s creativity, uniqueness, and experience neatly sewn into every stitch. So choosing a handmade product instead of a mass-produced one is more like writing a letter to someone instead of an email.  Or even Making a home-cooked meal instead of ordering take out. Knowing that a skilled & creative person took the time to make something for you is the personal touch that can make a product truly special… even a luxury.

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Speaking from experience, It’s said that “You either win or you learn”… And we could not agree more. 

In the beginning, there are a lot of mistakes when learning to make anything. Then soon with enough time, a skill begins to develop. Those early mistakes allowed us to learn how to go from a sketch of an idea for a bag to creating an initial sample, and then a production-ready sample within a number of hours.  Each new project and idea gives us a fresh take on the simple concept of carrying things and the problems that can be associated with it, and good design should always solve a problem and make life just that little bit easier.

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         What Matters Most... Cost or Value?


Why is it considered expensive? It's all a matter of perspective. Often purchasing a handmade product is actually good value and can be classed as an investment. 

Because it isn't exactly like any other product around, a handmade product is more expensive because you're buying a unique item, made by hand by an expert in their field of the best materials. Included in the making of the product is time, energy, hours of work, and - most importantly, heart. Meaning how it makes you feel.

Owning a handmade product you are paying for the experience. Again, this is an inexpensive luxury. 

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                   Opportunity to show the uniqueness 


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The benefit to the customer| "No Two Will EVER Be Exactly the Same" 

Each new product takes its maker on a new journey that will inevitably result in it being different from the one that came before it, also to the ones that will come after it. Even if you were to buy ten of the same bag in the same color, each and every one of them would be unique in their own right. So you the user is also paying for exclusivity.  

Benefit for the Business| "To Stand Out From Competitors" 

The best quality of being a handmade business is the opportunity to try something new and create uniques items that can reflect your brand and truly stand out from other mass manufactures. 

Businesses can use this opportunity to create their own individual signature style. Plus double down on showcasing products unique selling points. 

For Goodstart Jones our USP (unique selling point) is creating bags with integrated wood panels. This is intentionally proprietary to our business. Plus it relates to focusing on our market niche appealing to the creative community that appreciates arts and crafts. 


Building Brand through the storytelling of the creative process is an opportunity that mass manufacturing can’t do very well, unlike the handmade business. 

For example, Woodworking is a very hands-on process, though it typically includes a variety of tools that make the final products possible. The wood panels on our products look like that’s how they come and they are, but the reality is that each panel goes through days of preparation to ensure that it not only lasts as long as we need it to, but it looks good while doing so. Patience and a steady hand are the keys to this process.

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"Oppertunites With No Mistakes... Just Unique Creations."

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Handcrafted products are considered are traditional works, there are many advantages and benefits to it. Below are some possible examples to consider.


  • Reusability of waste materials
  • Improves creativity and skills
  • Availability of raw materials
  • Make money with self-employment
  • Strengthens the economic growth
  • Minimum investment
  • Environment-friendly


We’re extremely proud of our contribution to the world of bag makers and carry accessories. After reading this, We hope you can feel just how passionate we are about the products we create.


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