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For those people that are unaware of the latest lyrical talent… Let me tell you about Dubzy. He’s a music artist pioneering the British rap since 2011. Now signed to Sony Entertainment Label ready to release his first solo album.

The Goodstart Jones team and I are super grateful his team found our small company and chooses to reach out for the opportunity to work together.


Over the months following Dubzy’s Instagram, I must say Not only is he a dope MC that's killing it. He’s also a businessman owning a hat brand Snazz producing various types of hats and snapbacks which also is expanding into clothing this year...`Yes Dubzy is fast becoming a becoming a Fashion Trendsetter within his field. Defiantly one to watch.


Junq Couture Dubzy snazz bumbag fanny pack crossbody bag

Noticeable rocking British lifestyle brand Junq Couture who has a distinctive take on high streetwear fashion has been a great fit visually and personality. Speaking with the brands Creative Director and fashion designer Ruman has a philosophy regarding the fashion industry which simply put goes...

"It's not just simply following global fashion trend, but instead should always aim to create them". 

Great advice for when getting in the mood to becoming creative without thing about limits.

Now let's talk about the pouches. As a young bag band its crazy that we have never even made one till now.


THE CHALLENGE | why it was created  

Dubzy was due to attend two British TV award ceremonies back to back over the weekend the each one he was performing on national TV. However, decided to add a carrying accessory to compliment his outfit. So His team hit us up to ask if we could create something similar to a bumbag or pouch. Well with only 3 days to design and create something we’ve never made before. But I'm the founder of goodstart jones Challenge accepted.

THE DESIGN: how we did it 

We kinda don’t really advertise another side of the business instead operates of word of mouth.  which is that we make quite a lot of custom and bespoke bags. For people who feel they want a bag that's even more personal than what we offer as a whole.  So with this Dubzy I had to use the customer service and give him the VIP treatment he delivered.

Working ion a custom/ bespoke the inspiration always begins with the person for whom we are working for. My approach to the design direction was to fuse his favourite colours and Camo pattern with practical function. I understand Dubzy lives an active lifestyle whilst dressing rather fresh and stylish. Hey, Let me tell you, This Guy is so cool to work with because another aspect in my job role is to push new ideas and styles that are unique and different. I like to not just follow a trend. But try and see how to develop it and add a new aspect too.

Dubzy snazz snazzpac bumbag fanny pack crossbody bag street style Goodstart Jones

Making a crossbody bag how to make a fanny pack bumbag Goodstart Jones Dubzy snazz pac

Goodstart Jones Bumbag crossbody bag fanny pac snazzpac snazz making a 

 Fanny pac bumbag crossbody bag Dubzy snazz pac


 The result is pleasing both visually and functionally. What has been created which Dubzy has kindly named “The snazzpac.” Is slim and rectangular with a deep main compartment. Plus a back zipped compartment that wraps around under the pouch for deeper pocket storage. Oh and of course, defiantly had to add the wood panel. However, this panel is custom fitted so it’s only suited for this product.  

Goodstart Jones Dubzy snazz pac fanny bag bumbag crossbody bagDubzy crossbody bag bumbag fanny pack fashion street style Goodstart JonesDubzy snazz fanny pack bumbag snazzpac custom crossbody bag woodsack Goodstart Jones

Now tell me when you’ve ever seen a fanny pack, bum bag pouch or whatever you wish to call them just like Dubzy’s… I guess not. Then with that, I would declare my custom bespoke service has achieved a successful result.

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