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This Happened Last Month… Featured In Another Business Magazine

I don’t consider myself to be an entrepreneur, but rather a guy who just likes making bags and being rewarded for the time and effort it takes.

Goodstart Jones Business works

Having been in a few busines magazines, I'm pleased the business world has taken notice once or twice and considered what Anson and Myself do as a business worth mentioning.

In the Business Works magazine (BW Mag), I simply talk about how I started and how we work as a business.

It was actually a good read where surprisingly, I learned something new myself too over the 8 pages.

After reading, I take pleasure being in a magazine alongside other like-minded business folks who started their business and have scaled it up to where it stands today.

Goodstart Jones Business works Magazine

Goodstart Jones Business works Magazine

That being said, this is not easy. We don’t make millions, nor live a flashy lifestyle. Yes, the occasional press attention is fantastic, however, it only comes with doing the work. But that's cool as I don’t mind it since I enjoy what we do…

I own a business where I look forward to Mondays at work, and for me right now that feels like a path to success.

Here is the link to the magazine if you wish to read all about what we're up to.

Goodstart Jones Business works BW magazine

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